Saturday, May 8, 2010

A little bit tired today

Today we went to a friends 90th birthday party. It was lovely, she is a little bit hard at remembering who we all were but when you told her who you were she seemed to remember. She is a beautiful christian lady who has served her Lord over nearly a century. She has always had a bubbly personality and always friendly. I remember when I first moved to the Sunshine Coast just on 30 years ago she was so kind to me, introducing me to people, taking me to bible study and just making sure that I was not left on my own. You remember these things about people and more so when you see them honoured in the way she was today.

We have four people honoured in the last couple of weeks for their birthdays and I guess we won't get another invite for a long time. We've had a 90th - 70th - 50th - 40th so feel very social. Shows you how old you are getting when your friends are getting older too.

I am tired tonight but happy that we were included in the party today.

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