Sunday, February 21, 2010

All my lost blogs

I have been faithfully trying to post something on my blog weekly and have noticed that it doesn't seem to be there. Where is Jordan!!!!!

Well I'll try again

I had a lovely holiday at Kingfisher Bay on Fraser Island with my lovely Sunshine Coast family, we had a great time together and Fraser Island is so beautiful with McKenzie Lake and Eli Creek and all the other beautiful places along the way. Being at Fraser Island reminded me of the beauty of this world that God has given us and we should take time each day to look and thank him for that.

Saw some lovely photos of my granddaughter Jordan on her mum's blog day of her 13th birthday. My has the time gone so quickly and I can remember all the stages of her life and she is just as beautiful today as she was then.

Also had a lovely phone call from our eldest granddaughter Kylie who is in America she has been in Switzerland for the last year and has now finished her au-pairing of three little girls, I guess she will miss them and them her after spending a year with one another. I was so excited to hear from her and have had so much fun the last year reading her blog.

Last Thursday night we had a trip to Brisbane to the Cliff Richard and the Shadows show at the Entertainment Centre. Boy - was it loud. But I did enjoy it as it had a lot of songs from my era especially. We were picked up at 4pm and then picked up all the other 50 or so people on the SSC. We arrived at Brisbane at 7pm -the concert was 8-11, then the trip home. The traffic was terrible (to be expected) and seeing we where first picked up we were last dropped off - it was 2am and as I am not used to having such late nights I have been washed out since. I am glad I went but have decided that I will not be going to the "Finale concert" if that ever comes. Sometimes we have to do things when we are older to prove that we are still alive.

This week we had another birthday in our family, Taylor turned 11. She is beautiful and it was lovely to see that people honoured her in the way that they did. We also had a birthday of our son-in-law, can't believe that the time has gone so fast since we first met him many years ago. You're still looking good Ken.