Sunday, November 1, 2009

My trip to Sydney

I left the Sunshine Coast last Wednesday morning. On the way we were held up for about an hour with a terrible accident on the M1 Freeway near the Gold Coast. It was upsetting to see the damage with one truck and three cars involved.
We stayed at Nambucca Heads on the first night, on the second night we stayed with relatives at Wauchope after visiting with friends in Port Macquarie. On Friday night we stayed in a hotel in Sydney as we had to attend a funeral in Sydney of a very dear friend. After the funeral we travelled to Dubbo where we are staying with our precious family.


  1. Precious family! tehe thats me!
    Love you Nan

  2. I have just had a lovely holiday up at Kingfisher Bay on Fraser Island with my son and his four daughters. We had such a great time swimming, sunbaking and eating. My son and his girls are very proficient at paddling on a ski standing up. I did try to do it but I am a bit unbalanced and didn't get up without falling over in the water. God's beauty is seen up on Fraser Island at Eli Creek and Lake Mackenzie. I have never seen such beauty in a lake before.

    I am back home and the heat is terrible.I believe that we only have about another 21 days and the humidity will be gone (hope the person who gave me this information is right).
    I saw such cute photos of my darling granddaughter Jordan who turns 13 today. She really was as cute as you see and she is still cute in my eyes.
    I am very blessed to have 12 grandcildren and look forward this year to seeing Kylie, who is the eldest when she comes back from her overseas trip to Europe and lately sailing the Carrabean

  3. Love your blogs Nanny!!! Keep them up!!!!!!!!xoxox